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The drive to boost the use of public transit services and the growing need to transition to freight transportation by rail are pushing up overall demand for more frequent train services.

Inevitably, this makes the task of ensuring rail safety even more challenging. To guarantee safety both on the track itself and at level crossings, Zelisko supplies trackside signals and rail crossing safety systems that can be readily configured to customers’ individual needs and requirements.

Even before the turn of the millennium, Zelisko was already developing LED trackside signals and auxiliary indicators – one of the first companies anywhere in the world to do so. This put Zelisko at the forefront of the shift from conventional bulb technology to LEDs. More than 90,000 of these leading-edge Zelisko systems are currently in service around the world. Zelisko was also one of the first companies to supply SIL4-certified LED signals. The Signaling Systems portfolio also includes customized PLC remote-control systems and MMBC electromagnetic track brake controllers.


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