Sensors and electronic accessories

Electricity is a “product” that has to fulfil very clear requirements. There must be a cheap and uninterrupted supply at a constant frequency and voltage, without distortion or interference.

While this may sound simple, in practice the steadily growing number of decentralized generators feeding electricity into the grid poses a huge challenge.

Especially in the medium-voltage distribution grid, it is vital to measure the current and voltage in transformer substations with a high degree of accuracy, even in adverse weather conditions. Covering a wide range of applications, from monitoring and remote control to systematic generation and load management, Zelisko’s high-precision sensors are more than up to the task.

The key benefit offered by Zelisko’s voltage, phase current, earth fault, multifunction and combined sensors is a blend of high-precision measurement with straightforward installation and maximum reliability. The sensors function perfectly in virtually any temperature range, and can be easily and quickly retrofitted without major modifications to switchgear or grid infrastructure. They can operate at voltages up to 72kV with rated currents of up to 50kA.

A cylindrical sensor used in power switchgear in automated substations

Voltage Sensor

Zelisko voltage sensors were specially developed for high-precision voltage measurement according to IEC 61869 in medium-voltage switchgear. The focus lies on load and power switchgear in automated network stations. The main tasks are monitoring, measurement, power quality and protection of the system.

A compact cube-shaped current sensor designed for current measurement in medium, low and high voltage switchgears

Current Sensor

Zelisko current sensors were specifically developed for current measurement according to IEC 61869 in medium, low and high voltage systems. The compactness of the small-signal current transformers enables high-precision measurement of the phase, short-circuit and earth currents.

A compact measuring amplifier designed for the adjustment of small signals

Electronics and Accessories

The high-precision measuring amplifier from Zelisko was specially developed for adapting the small signal to 100 V or 110 V and thus replaces a conventional voltage converter with the advantage of compact installation options in switchgear.