Medium-voltage applications

Reliable current and voltage measurement is becoming increasingly important for safe power generation, transmission and distribution – making ultra-reliable medium-voltage transformers essential.

Designed for gas-insulated, air-insulated and open air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear, Zelisko’s medium-voltage transformers are successfully deployed around the world, operating in all kinds of weather conditions. Benefiting from high-grade epoxy-resin insulation, the transformers are designed to provide maintenance-free operation throughout their product life cycle (up to 30 years).

A block-shaped cast resin transformer for indoor applications

Block Current Transformer

Zelisko Block Current Transformers are maintenance-free cast resin transformers for indoor applications, which are characterized by their high-quality epoxy resin encapsulation. Our current transformers up to 36kV comply with international regulations, such as IEC 61869; GOST, IEEE, etc.

A block-shaped epoxy resin converter for indoor applications that runs completely maintenance-free

Block Voltage Transformer

Zelisko Block Voltage Transformers are maintenance-free epoxy resin converters with single or double pole insulation for indoor applications. Our medium-voltage converters up to 36kV comply with international regulations such as IEC 61869; GOST, IEEE, etc.

A rectangular voltage transformer encased in a metal shell, used primarily in gas-insulated switchgear

Metal Clad Voltage Transformers

Metal Clad Voltage Transformers from Zelisko are maintenance-free, single-pole insulated cast resin converters for indoor applications. The main applications are gas-insulated switchgears up to 52kV.

A coil type epoxy transformer specifically designed for outdoor use

Outdoor (current or voltage) Transformer

Zelisko Current and Voltage Transformers for outdoor applications are characterized by their outdoor-resistant epoxy resin encapsulation and are suitable for outdoor systems up to 36kV and meet various international standards such as IEC, GOST, IEEE, etc.